Chinese Interracial Marriage: Dating, Traditions, Brides

Getting married and starting a family is an established tradition in China. However, because of the one-child policy introduced in 1979-1980, there is a severe shortage of women in the People’s Republic. This has an impact on online dating in China. Men were preferred as family keepers, and as a result, female babies were often aborted.

And so it happens that currently, only one in four Chinese could marry a Chinese woman. That is why the one-child policy was relaxed again in 2015, and online dating is booming. Many men now are dreaming about Chinese interracial marriage.

The future looks bleak, however. According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, there are about 24 million more men than women of marriageable age in China. This makes Chinese girls for marriage extremely attractive: there are not too many of them, and the competition is high.


Chinese Interracial Dating: All You Need to Know About It

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at dating. Is it easy to meet? What are the demands of potential candidates? Let’s figure it out.

High Demands on Chinese People Willing to Marry

There is not only a shortage of women. Despite the surplus of men, there is a lack of solvent men in particular. Chinese women basically want to “marry up”; they want a man with a higher income, a university degree, a car, and an apartment located in a nice region. That’s why they are looking for Chinese interracial marriage. They are convinced that Chinese interracial dating and interracial marriage in china provide better chances of finding a suitable man.

A low-income farmer from the province has low chances of getting married to one of the sweet ladies from this area.

Chinese people who are not yet married at 25 are already considered difficult to get married. The absolute upper limit is 27. Anyone who is not yet married is considered an “old girl.” Men are considered old at 40 and no longer have any chance of having a wife. Even with the means of modern technology and online dating, things are getting tight. But local ladies willingly date foreigners of this age, which is good news for you if you are interested in Chinese and Latino interracial dating.

Men Buy Women, and Women Hire Men

As you have already understood, interracial dating in china is widespread now. But the high demands placed on male and female marriage candidates have grotesque consequences. Some Chinese men are so desperate that they buy or auction a woman (mostly from Vietnam or Laos).

The bad thing about it: is that the demand for women who can be bought is increasing. Even worse is the fact that many women are often sold by their own families to smugglers for around 45 euros (depending on the woman’s age and appearance), who then sell them on for several thousand euros. Nobody cares about the law against human trafficking; many do not even know it is forbidden to buy a woman.

On the other hand, high-earning Chinese women rent a friend via “rent-a-friend” service or Taobao to avoid the pressure of the family to find a suitable person willing to marry finally. Such ladies also willingly utilize various sites looking for china interracial dating.

Intermarriages in ChinaParents Help to Choose Candidates

Another interesting fact about interracial dating China is that in China, parents still have a strong say in the marriage of their children. Marriage in China has less to do with romance than with a financially “good deal.” Chinese parents must therefore give their consent for a marriage candidate. Mind it if interested in Chinese black interracial dating.

Many mothers and fathers also try to offer their daughters to so-called marriage markets. The most famous marriage market in Shanghai is in People’s Park. Every Saturday, there are countless wedding announcements on clotheslines and on bushes. Fathers and mothers are offline on the hunt for a potential marriage partner for their children.

Find a Partner Willing to Marry Through Online Dating

However, when traditional methods such as the marriage market, coupler markets in shopping malls, dating games, and the method of getting to know a man or woman through friends fail, the last hope for many is the Internet. Online dating in China has been possible for about ten years. Now, it is easy for those interested in Chinese interracial dating to find a partner. We’ll discuss it in more detail later. Now, let’s focus on local ladies.

Chinese woman

Features of Chinese Brides

The most important feature of a beautiful woman is light porcelain skin. In China, bleaching creams are often bought, instead of tanning creams, as in Europe. In summer, women often walk around with umbrellas so as not to get tanned. You will hardly be able to find any tanning salons in China.

Furthermore, big eyes are in great demand. Many women do not have an eyelid fold, making the eyes look small compared to European women. A lot of women, therefore, also use plastic surgery.

In addition, Asian women often want to look cute, so childish and colorful clothes are quite normal here, and a lot of hair accessories are also trendy. Many women also speak with exaggerated childish voices to appear sweet. Of course, a pretty woman should also have a good shape, i.e., be slim.

Typical Characteristics of Chinese Women

If you are interested in dating in China as a foreigner, you should know that Chinese women seem reserved and passive at first glance. However, most of them are also very strong and courageous. At the same time, the strong and unique character is often hidden behind a beautiful face. Likewise, many Chinese women are very ambitious and determined. If they are faced with a new task, they never actually say that the task cannot be accomplished and is therefore impossible. 

For women from Chinese culture, preserving face and maintaining continence and composure is not to be underestimated. Chinese women do not welcome directness, openness, and nagging. Not only women but also men from China are generally very ambitious and hardworking.

What Is Important for Chinese Women?

Let’s take a look at what is important for these ladies.

  • The family is generally very important for local ladies. Chinese women are considered good mothers, and with them, you can often be sure that children are loved and that the family comes first. Local women usually stand behind their men. By the way, fast weddings are common in China.
  • Many girls are looking for a well-educated and successful man (we have already mentioned it). For this reason, German and Western European men are quite popular with many Chinese women because they are considered particularly successful, stable, sporty, and self-confident.
  • Local women are looking for men with sovereignty, spiritual strength, and inner peace.
  • Romanticism also plays a significant role in Chinese women. Joint excursions, laughing together, and solving critical moments together are important to them. They often want to spend as much time as possible with their partners.

Chinese marriage

What Characteristics Do These Women Show In Terms of Flirting?

In China, it is common for a man to approach a woman. For the first date, the man often brings flowers or gifts. During a first flirt, the woman is very careful and reserved. That’s why it’s important that the man responds to the woman with a lot of patience and empathy.

Best Asian Black Interracial Dating Site

Nowadays, those interested in China interracial marriage find it difficult to find a reliable website for chinese man white woman. So, we offer you two sites you can utilize to find chinese girl interracial. 


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From African to the Caribbean to East Asian and Arab, AMBWDate has an eclectic user base of people worldwide. Members also vary in ages, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and interests. Registration is quick and easy.

Statistics on Intermarriages in China

Nowadays, nobody can say for sure how many interracial marriages are currently registered. All we know is that this number is constantly growing. In 1982 there were more than 14 thousand such marriages, and in 2014, it was 400 thousand.

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